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Notes: For every hour of content that makes it into a MartyrMade episode, I have 50-100 pages of notes and written material left on the cutting room floor. I’ll curate, share, and expand on those notes here.

More Podcasts: I often hit upon topics that would make great one-hour-or-less episodes (similar to MartyrMade #18: The Madame Butterfly Effect). Those will be published here for subscribers only.

Interviews & Panel Discussions: I will be having podcast discussions with thinkers & doers from many walks of life. My goal is to bring you ideas and people you’re not already getting from a dozen other channels. No promises about frequency: I don’t intend to flood you with fluff simply because I’m on a deadline. Guests will be strongly curated for quality and relevance.

Articles & Guest Spots: When I have something to say that requires more development, I’ll take my time and write it up. I will also solicit and accept guest contributions. Same qualifier as above regarding frequency and same promise regarding quality and relevance. If you honor me with your time, I have no right to waste it.

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