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Human Forever, pt. 1

Human Forever, pt. 1

The Digital Politics of Spiritual War

This is the first of a series of explorations jumping off from an upcoming book by author James Poulos, called Human Forever: The Digital Politics of Spiritual War.

I recently wrote a short review, - the review really doesn’t touch the meat of the book - some of which I drew on in this episode. Sorry for the delay, been a crazy week.

More to come. This is a topic I am going to be exploring with interviews and more individual podcasts, and I would love you guys to participate. Get in the comments, suggest readings, ask questions… This is a very difficult and complicated topic, but a very important one, I think.

Poulos’s book, btw, will be out soon, and is very good. Highly recommended. You’ll hear from the author himself in the next week or two.

(Hope you paid subscribers will let me off the hook for making this one public. I want as many people as possible to hear about James’s book.)