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Human Forever, pt. 3

Human Forever, pt. 3

Discussion with James Poulos

Hi everybody. Here’s another installment of my ongoing long-term project exploring ideas from James Poulos’s great 2021 book, Human Forever: The Digital Politics of Spiritual War.

I decided to put this episode out for everyone, because I really want everyone to hear what James has to say. He has a unique and valuable perspective on implications of digital technology, and how we can win the war to remain human as those technologies take over our world.

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James Poulos is the editor of American Mind at the Claremont Institute, as well as the Founder and Editorial Director of RETURN at New Founding.

Please check out his book. It is only available on the blockchain, a decision we discuss in the episode, but if crypto is a barrier for you, it’s time to climb over it. It was certainly a barrier for me, but one way or another, whether we like it or not, it’s a technology with which we’re all going to need a basic familiarity in the trials ahead.

The book is available on the blockchain at Canonic.