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MartyrMade Birthday Fundraiser + Special Offer


If you sign up for an annual subscription between today (July 4) and Sunday (July 7), you get a 20% discount ($40 instead of $50 for the year), and half of that will go to Kristina’s House of Hope, a women’s shelter in upstate New York - the only one in its area.

*Note* To take advantage of the special offer, you have to sign up by following this link. It’s how Substack knows to activate the offer.

KHOH is not some random charity I drew out of a hat. The house was founded and run by my best friend’s mother after experiencing the tragic loss of her daughter. She’s not rich, she’s not some businesswoman doing this as a side-project, she’s a regular person who’s thrown herself into this project full-time, and helped dozens of women turn away from the edge of the cliff and get their lives together. When people say, “we need more people like that,” this is who they’re talking about - someone who has stepped up and done the thing that we don’t have the time, or energy, or inclination to do, but we all agree has to be done. So let’s help her do it.

You guys have really come through the last two years, allowing KHOH to serve more women, improve the house, and expand the services provided. And now, in large part thanks to your help, they’re on the verge of being able to open a second shelter to serve homeless men as well. We don’t always know the outcome when we click to round up to donate to cancer research at the grocery store, but I’m telling you from direct knowledge, your donations to KHOH have saved the lives of dozens of women who were staring over the edge of the abyss.

After last year’s fundraiser, the ladies who’ve been helped by KHOH got together and took a group photo with a banner expressing their appreciation. It’s sitting here on my desk, and always will be because it’s probably the single thing for which I’m most grateful to have used this podcast and platform. Let’s come through for them again. Thanks guys, for this and for everything.

Here’s a link to the GoFundMe I set up: