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MartyrMade Unscripted #1: Why I Don't Like Talking About the Gaza War


Hey everyone. Well, here it is, the first unscripted episode, with my buddy, Raj Lulla. As you can imagine, since last October I’ve been asked again and again to go on other shows to discuss the crisis in Gaza. I’ve been invited to several very prominent outlets to participate in debates with well-known people. I’ve turned almost all of them down because, truth be told, I don’t really like discussing the issue. It makes me more emotional than is fitting for live content. Comedian and political commentator Dave Smith is a big fan of the show, and I’ve learned I can send him out into battle as my champion with reliably great results. I’m glad for that. I’m not a media professional, and usually when I’m across the table from someone saying barbaric shit against Israelis or Palestinians, I spend all my time struggling to keep from strangling them rather than focusing on what they’re saying or my rebuttal. In this episode, Raj and I will discuss why I feel that way, and why I’ve disappointed some people by not doing a day-by-day running commentary on the progress of Israel’s assault on Gaza.

In the next episode we’re gonna go deep into the effects of media technology on society, politics, and our individual psyches. We’ve got a few of these episodes already in the hopper, which is allowing me to buckle down and finish this slavery series and the next Whose America.

The video is for subscribers only, so if you’re not a paid subscriber yet, what’re you waiting for? You guys are the only reason I’m able to do this, so help keep it going for just $5 p/month or $50 p/year. For those of you who are already paid subscribers, I hope you enjoy these, and thank you, thank you, thank you.

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